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IPPA Awards 2023 Winners List

The IPPA Awards 2023 dazzled the stage once again, offering a vibrant platform for celebrities and artists to bask in the glory of recognition. This year’s grand event unfolded in the heart of Manchester, graced by luminaries such as Mehwish Hayat, Humayun Saeed, Sheheryar Munawar, Hiba Bukhari, and more, setting the stage for a night of dazzling performances and the unanticipated. Now let’s take a look at the dazzling list of IPPA Awards 2023 winners.

IPPA Awards 2023 Winners List

IPPA Awards 2023 Winners List

Let me now introduce you to the thrilling list of IPPA 2023 winners, and prepare yourself for some surprises that await you!

Film Category:

The coveted title of “Best Film” was snatched by “London Nahi Jaunga.”

The brilliant Humayun Saeed shone as “Best Film Actor” for the same movie.

Meanwhile, Mehwish Hayat bagged the title of “Best Film Actress.”

Ehteshamuddin‘s exceptional direction in “Dum Mastam” earned him the accolade of “Best Director.”

Sohail Ahmed stepped into the spotlight as “Best Actor In A Supporting Role.”

Drama Category:

In the realm of drama, “Sinf e Aahan” was crowned as the “Best Drama.”

Saif e Hassan claimed the “Best Director” title for “Sang e Mah.”

Ahsan Khan‘s stellar performance in “Mere Humnasheen” earned him the “Best Actor Male” title.

Hania Aamir waltzing away with the “Best Actor Female” award.

The talented Samiya Mumtaz added luster to her reputation with the “Best Supporting Actor” honor, and Ahsan Khan and Hiba Bukhari shared the spotlight as the “Best On-Screen Couple.”

Lifetime Achievement Award:

The Lifetime Achievement Award found a deserving recipient in the legendary Atiqa Odho, a true stalwart in the entertainment industry.

IPPA Star Of The Year:

Last but certainly not least, Sheheryar Munawar won the title of “IPPA Star Of The Year” at the IPPA Awards 2023 ceremony!

The IPPA Awards 2023 showcased a splendid blend of expected victories and delightful surprises, leaving fans and industry insiders equally spellbound.

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