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Inaam e Mohabbat Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing

Inaam e Mohabbat is a new drama serial on Pakistan’s leading entertainment channel Geo TV. The drama has an ensemble cast of talented actors and actresses, and the story is sure to keep viewers hooked. Take a look at the Inam e Mohabbat drama cast, their names, pictures, and a little bit about the story.

The Cast and Crew of the Drama:

The cast of Inaam e Mohabbat is of the best quality. The leading roles in the drama are played by Haroon Shahid, Nazish Jahangir, and Sidra Niazi.

Inaam e Mohabbat Drama Cast

The cast of Inaam e Mohabbat includes the best and most popular actors of the current era. Nazish Jahangir will play the lead role of Anaya. She is a very talented and rising young actress. She has played a leading role in many popular dramas such as Teri Behissi and Berukhi.

Sidra Niazi will play the role of Munizay in the drama. She is an actress who has played second lead roles in many popular dramas including Dil Zaar Zaar and Zakham.

The cast of Inaam e Mohabbat also includes the popular and talented model and actor Haroon Shahid. He has also appeared in many hit dramas like Fasiq and Amanat.

The drama will also feature the rising and talented actress Becks Khan. She is a model and has appeared in many popular dramas.

The drama is produced by Syed Mukhtar Ahmed and Zeeshan M Khan. The drama has been written by Erum Wasi and Saima Wasi.

This drama is directed by the very talented director Furqan Adam, who has given us some memorable dramas including Meer Abru and Bholi Bano.

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Drama Title:Inaam e Mohabbat
Genre:Romantic Drama
Channel Name:Geo TV
Total Episode:TBA
Lead Cast:Haroon Shahid, Nazish Jahangir, Sidra Niazi
Release Date:19 June 2022
Timing:Daily at 7:00 PM
Directed By:Furqan Adam
Written By:Erum Was, Saima Wasi
Produced By:Syed Mukhtar Ahmed, Zeeshan M Khan
Production Company:Gold Bridge Media

Story of the Drama:

The drama serial Inam e Mohabbat is a love story of a rich boy named Mair (played by Haroon Shahid) and a pretty girl named Anaya (played by Nazish Jahangir). The main character, Mair, falls in love with Anaya, the daughter of his driver, who is also a major character in the drama.

Inaam e Mohabbat Drama Cast

The drama serial Inam e Mohabbat is said to be a very different kind of love story and will surely be a treat for the viewers. The drama is airing on ARY Digital and we are sure that the viewers will love it.

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Inaam e Mohabbat Drama Cast Name List:

The drama cast boasts a large number of renowned actors and actresses. Below is the list of the confirmed cast members for the Geo TV drama Inaam e Mohabbat.

  • Haroon Shahid as Mair
  • Nazish Jahangir as Anaya
  • Sidra Niazi as Munizay
  • Becks Khan as Savera
  • Sakina Samo as Sabeen
  • Raeed Alam as Shahzar
  • Sajid Hasan as Adnan
  • Naveed Raza as Muneeb
  • Rashid Farooqui as Kareem
  • Fareeha Jabeen as Mumtaz
  • Aiman Zaman Khan as Zuna
  • Noshaba Javed as Ghazala
  • Shahzad Malik as Hameed
  • Ayesha Rajpoot as Faryal
  • Adeel Abbas as Noor
  • Zain Afzal as Aamir
  • Humaira Affan as Zakia

Cast Pictures & Bios for Inaam e Mohabbat:

Here we provide you with all information on Inaam e Mohabbat drama cast members such as their real-life pictures. So don’t forget to check it out!

Haroon Shahid as Mair

Inaam e Mohabbat drama cast lead actor Haroon Shahid.

Nazish Jahangir as Anaya

Inaam e Mohabbat Drama Cast lead actress Nazish Jahangir
Nazish Jahangir Drama List

Sidra Niazi as Munizay

Inaam e Mohabbat drama cast second lead actress Sidra Niazi

Becks Khan as Savera

Actress Becks Khan

Sakina Samo as Sabeen

Actress Sakina Samo

Raeed Alam as Shahzar

Inaam e Mohabbat Drama Cast second lead actor Raeed Alam

Sajid Hasan as Adnan

Actor Sajid Hasan

Naveed Raza as Muneeb

Actor Naveed Raza

Rashid Farooqui as Kareem

Actor Rashid Farooqui

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Fariha Jabeen as Mumtaz

Actress Fariha Jabeen

Ayesha Rajpoot as Faryal

Actress Ayesha Rajpoot

Adeel Abbas as Noor

Actor Adeel Abbas as Noor

Zain Afzal as Aamir

Actor Zain Afzal

Humaira Affan as Zakia

Actress Humaira Affan

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