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Tania Hussain Biography, Age, Family, Mother, Sister, Dramas List

Tania Hussain is one of the rising stars in the Pakistani drama industry. She is an actress and a fashion model. She is the daughter of Natasha Hussain, a popular Pakistani model, and actress. Tania works as a supporting actress in the entertainment industry. Most recently, she appeared as Sara in the drama serial Rang Mahal opposite Ali Ansari.

We look forward to seeing her in a leading role in a project in the near future. It is no secret that she is a talented actress, and her fans would like to learn more about her age, mother, family, husband, and other facts about her. Now let’s take a closer look at the biography of Tania Hussain.

Tania Hussain Biography, Age, Family, Mother, Sister, Dramas List

Tania Hussain Biography:

Tania Hussain is an extremely beautiful Pakistani actress and a very talented performer. She comes from an artistic family. This actress is the daughter of veteran Pakistani actress Natasha Hussain, who has worked in the Pakistan entertainment industry for many years.

In her Instagram profile, Tania Hussain indicates that her real name is Tania Amna Hussain. She enjoys spending time with her family and mother most of the time. The actress is a very kind soul in her personal life as well as her professional life. She enjoys traveling and listening to music.

Tania Hussain Biography:
Name:Tania Hussian
Profession:Actress, Model
Date of Birth:13th September
Birth Place:Lahore
Home Town:Karachi
Height:5ft and 3 Inches
Hair Color:Black
Skin Complexion:Fair
Mother Name:Natasha Hussian
Social Media Handle:Instagram

Tania Hussain Age:

She was born on 13 September 1997 in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2023, Tania is currently 25 years old.

A childhood picture of the actress with her mom

Tania Hussain Height & Weight:

It is not surprising that Tania Hussain is not as tall as her mother Natasha Hussain. She is about 5 feet and 3 inches tall. However, it’s the perfect height for a girl. According to research, Pakistani girls are average 5’2″ tall.


She holds a graduate degree from the University College London in 2019.

Her graduation picture from the University College London when she was a student

Family of Tania Hussain:

Tania Hussain comes from a wealthy family in Lahore. She is the daughter of a well-known model and actress. Her father, Atif Khan, is a businessman by profession. There is a sister named Zara Hussian who lives with her.

A family photo of Tania Hussain, her sister, her mother, and her father
A family photo of the actress with her parents
A photo of her with her siblings

Tania Hussian’s Mother:

The mother of Tania Hussain is Natasha Hussain, who was a famous model and gorgeous girl at the time. Her mother is known as Natty to her friends and family.

As Natasha Hussain often mentions in her interviews, she is a full-time mother and housewife, and she considers her daughters to be the closest friends she has. She has a very close relationship with her daughters.

A photo of her mother natasha hussian with her younger sister
Here is a picture of her mother, Natasha Hussian
Tania Hussain with her mother
| ARY Digital Drama

Tania Hussian’s Father:

Tania’s Father’s name is Atif Khan, he is a businessman by profession.

Tania Hussain with her father

Tania Hussian’s Sister:

She only has one younger sister named Zara. In addition to studying abroad, her sister is 15 years old. She’s a cute girl who doesn’t have any interest in pursuing a career in show business.

Tania Hussain with her sister
a family photo of her


She has not married yet.

Showbiz Career:

Tania stepped into the drama industry in 2019. She has appeared in a few dramas as a supporting actress. Her’s first drama was Log Kya Kahenge, which aired on ARY TV.

Drama List:

Unseen Pics of Tania Hussian:

A photo of the actress enjoying her vacation in Pakistan's northern regions
A photo of the actress enjoying her vacation with family
Getting ready for her drama shoot, the actress poses for a photo
In this picture, the actress and her mother are posing
In this picture, the actress and her sister are posing

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