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Emmad Irfani Wife Maryam Looks Older Than Her Husband in Recent Clicks

Emmad Irfani is known as a model and actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry. He has worked in dramas and several fashion shoots. He owns a charming, and handsome personality. But today, I am talking about his personal life such as about Emmad Irfani wife Maryam Shafaat. She is a very attractive and lovely lady, But she does not be a part of showbiz parties and Award shows.

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Emaad Irfani was born on Tuesday, 29 April 1980 in Peshawar, Pakistan. and he is currently (in 2021) 40 years old. Emmad is one of the most elegant, and tallest models in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. He stepped as a model into the Pakistan fashion industry in 2001. But he started his acting career in 2013 with the drama serial “Aasmanon Pay Likha”. He has worked not only with Pakistan fashion brands but some international brands such as Levis, Parada, and Armani. Irfani belongs to a Maltry based family and his late father was an army officer.


Meet Emmad Irfani Wife Maryam Shafaat

Emmad Irfani was married to her cousin Maryam Shafaat in 2012. Maryam Shafaat is a famous fashion designer and mother of two. Emmad Irfani and Maryam have two sons named Zaviyar Irfani and Elanur Irfani. Maryam is the elder sister of Amina Shafaat, who known as a famous Pakistani fashion model. Mariyam looks too older than her husband, while there is not much difference in the ages of the couple. On the other hand, Emamd Irfani looks very young at the age of 40. So Let’s have a look at Emmad Ifrani Wife pictures.

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emmad irfani wedding pictures
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