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Saba Qamar’s Recent Pictures Wearing a Bold Dress Have Sparked Backlash

Saba Qamar is a talented film and tv actress. She is one of those Pakistani actresses who has worked in the Bollywood film industry. She has a stunning personality and an equally beautiful face. Today, her latest photoshoot landed her in hot water when she donned a bold dress.

It is not important to her, what people think about her or what clothes she wears because she does not seek to impress them. She has her own style and that’s it. But, she did not take the controversy lying down, she speaks out always to defend herself and the dress. Now she was seen wearing a peach-colored dress for a photoshoot. She chose to wear this dress just because she felt good wearing it.

She becomes a controversial topic of discussion, because of her dress. Saba’s fans are not happy with the style of her dress. The audience expressed dissatisfaction with Saba’s recent shoot. There are many people who feel that Saba did not need to wear revealing clothes and it didn’t reflect our culture. Check out what the people have to say!

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