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Beautiful Pictures of Saba Faisal with Her Daughter Sadia Faisal

Saba Faisal is one of the senior Pakistani actresses. She has worked in several dramas and made a name for herself in the showbiz industry. If we talk about her career, She started her job as a newscaster, and later she started working in Pakistani dramas. But today here, we will meet Saba Faisal daughter Sadia Faisal. Recently, the mother and daughter were seen together in a photoshoot after a long time.

Pakistani Actress Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal was born on 31 January 1958 in Lahore, Pakistan. She is currently 63 years old. But look at her, She looks like a 40 years old girl. Because she cares a lot about her fitness and exercise. Saba started her married life by marrying Faisal Saeed. And now they have three kids, a daughter Saida Faisal and two sons Arslan Faisal and Salman Faisal. And they are all actors by profession.

Saba Faisal with her Husband and Kids

Here we have some beautiful pictures of Saba Faisal with her daughter Sadia Faisal wearing the same clothes. In the viral pictures, it can be seen that Sadia is looking at her mama Saba’s younger sister instead of her daughter. Have a look at them below.

Saba Faisal Daughter
Sadia Faisal
Saba Faisal with her Daughter
Saba Faisal Daughter Sadia Faisal
Saba Faisal family photo

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