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Woh Pagal Si Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing – ARY Digital

Woh Pagal Si is a new Pakistani drama that aired on ARY Digital on 27th July in 2022. The drama has an ensemble cast of talented actors and actresses, and the story is sure to keep viewers hooked. Take a look at the Woh Pagal Si drama cast, their names, pictures, and a little bit about the story.

The Cast and Crew of the Drama:

The cast of Woh Pagal Si includes some of Pakistan’s most popular television actors and actresses. The lead role of the drama will be played by Zubab Rana, who is best known for her roles in dramas like Fitrat, Bharaas, and Bandish.

Zubab Rana will be joined by Omer Shahzad, who has starred in the hit drama serial Mere Humsafar. The drama also features Hira Khan, who is one of the most emerging actresses in Pakistan. She previously starred in the drama serial Phaans.

Saad Qureshi is also cast in Woh Pagal Si. Known for his role in the drama serial Benaam, he is currently one of the most promising actors on the rise.

ARY Digital drama Woh Pagal Si Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing

Woh Pagal Si drama cast also includes many other well-known actors and actresses such as Babar Ali, Anam Tanveer, Farah Nadeem, and Ismail Tara. We are going to explore the cast and crew details of the Woh Pagal Si drama, so let’s take a look at it!

Drama Title:Woh Pagal Si
Channel Name:ARY Digital
Total Episode:TBA
Lead Cast:Zubab Rana, Babar Ali, Hira Khan, Omer Shehzad
Release Date:27 July 2022
Timing:Monday to Thursday at 9:00 pm
Directed By:Faisal Bukhari
Written By:Sadia Akhtar
Produced By:Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib
Production Company:Six Sigma Plus

The drama is directed by Faisal Bukhari and written by Sadia Akhtar. While this drama is produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib under the banner of Six Sigma Plus.

Woh Pagal Si Drama Cast Name List:

The drama cast boasts a large number of renowned actors and actresses. The cast of the drama did a great job in portraying their characters.

Omer Shahzad and Zubab Rana are brilliant as the lead couple. Hira Khan and Saad Qureshi are also good in their roles. Below is the list of the confirmed cast members for the ARY Digital drama Woh Pagal Si.

  • Zubab Rana as Shazma
  • Omer Shahzad as Wahaj
  • Hira Khan as Sara
  • Saad Qureshi as Zaheen
  • Babar Ali as Ahsan Hayat
  • Anam Tanveer
  • Abdullah Javed
  • Farah Nadeem
  • Ismail Tara
  • Shazia Gohar
  • Sohail Masood

Drama Story:

The dramatic story of Woh Pahal Si revolves around the life of Sara, played by Hira Khan.

Sara is from a wealthy family and her father, Ahsan Hayat, is a successful businessman. Ahsan had lost his wife and his family was pressuring him to get married again after her death.

Ahsan Hayat, played by Babar Ali, discovers that he has fallen in love with the young worker who works for him, Shazma.

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The main character of the drama is Shazma, played by Zubab Rana, who comes from a poor family and marries Ahsan for the money and house he offers.

ARY Digital drama Woh Pagal Si Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing

Sara’s aim is to stop her father from marrying the mean and selfish Shazma, and she tries so hard to do this. As you might expect from a story filled with emotions, romance, and suspense, it does not disappoint.

Drama Timing:

Currently, the drama airs every Monday to Thursday night at 9:00 pm on ARY Digital.

Cast Pictures & Bios for Woh Pagal Si:

Here we provide you all information on Woh Pagal Si drama cast members such as their real-life pics, age, married status, social media handles, and recent dramas in which they appeared. So don’t forget to check it out!

Zubab Rana as Shazma

Woh Pagal Si drama cast lead actress Zubab Rana.

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Omer Shahzad as Wahaj

Woh Pagal Si drama cast lead actor Omer Shehzad.

Hira Khan as Sara

Woh Pagal Si drama cast second lead actress Hira Khan.

Saad Qureshi as Zaheen

Actor Saad Qureshi

Babar Ali as Ahsan Hayat

Woh Pagal Si drama cast lead actor Babar Ali

Anam Tanveer

Actress Anam Tanveer

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Abdullah Javed

Actor Abdullah Javed

Farah Nadeem

Actress Farah Nadeem

Ismail Tara

Actor Ismail Tara

Shazia Gohar

Actress Shazia Gohar

Sohail Masood

Actor Sohail Masood

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