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Kiran Ashfaq Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Mother, Sister, Drama List

Kiran Ashfaq biography, age, height, weight, family, mother, father, sister, brother, and dama list. She is not only a soft heart girl, but also a gorgeous lady. Let’s take a look at the biography of Kiran Ashfaq and learn more about her life.

Kiran Ashfaq Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Mother, Sister, Drama List

Kiran Ashfaq Biography

Kiran Ashfaq is a multi-talented Pakistani actress, model, influencer, and beauty blogger. She was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. The real name of this girl is Kiran Ashfaque Hussein Dar.

Kiran Ashfaq is a well-known personality in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She is the ex-wife of actor Imran Ashraf. Apart from being a successful lady, she is also a social media influencer with a huge fan following on her Instagram account.

Her favorite holiday destination is Turkey. She loves to eat Biryani and loves to drink coffee. She is also a fan of the color black which she often wears in her outfits.

Kiran Ashfaq Biography

Kiran Ashfaq Age

She was born on November 10, 1993, in Karachi, Pakistan. Kiran is currently 29 years old.


Kiran Ashfaq completed her education at a private school in Karachi. Later, she went on to pursue a degree in media sciences. She always had a passion for acting and modeling which led her to enter the showbiz industry.

Social Media Handle

Kiran Ashfaq is very active on social media. Her social media handles are always buzzing with fans and followers. She engages with her fans regularly by posting pictures, videos, and updates about her work. You can follow her on Instagram.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Kiran Ashfaq is known for her beautiful and fit physique. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 55 kg.

Kiran Ashfaq Family

Kiran Ashfaq was born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan. She belongs to a very supportive and loving family. Her family has always supported her choices and career path.

Kiran Ashfaq Family

Kiran Ashfaq Father

Her father is a businessman in Karachi. He has always been supportive of his daughter’s career and has motivated her to achieve her goals.

Kiran Ashfaq Mother

Her mother is a housewife. She has always been there for her daughter and has played a very important role in shaping Kiran’s career.

Kiran Ashfaq Sister

She maintains confidentiality about her sibling’s identity.

Kiran Ashfaq First Husband

Kiran got married to actor Imran Ashraf in 2018. However, the couple later parted ways due to some personal differences. They have a son named Roham.

Kiran Ashfaq 2nd Husband

Kiran Ashfaq remarried Hamza Ali Chaudhary in a private ceremony on 3rd December 2023 in Lahore.

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Showbiz Career

Kiran Ashfaq started her showbiz career as a model. Later, she stepped into the drama industry. In addition to her acting career, she is also a successful beauty blogger and social media influencer. Her fans look up to her for her amazing fashion sense and beauty tips.

Drama List

She hasn’t appeared in any drama series in her career so far.

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