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Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast & Characters – Hum TV


Pakistani drama Fairy Tale Season 2 cast, details of the actors, their pictures, storyline, timing, release date, and the total number of episodes.

Fairy Tale Season 2 is a new drama serial that aired on Hum TV. The drama story revolves around the lives of a newly married couple, Umeed Pasha and Farjad. If you enjoyed the first season of Fairy Tale during the month of Ramadan 2023, don’t miss the second season, which premieres on August 5, 2023. You will fall in love again with this romantic comedy-drama. Let’s take a look at the cast of Fairy Tale Season 2 and get to know their characters!

Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast & Characters – Hum TV
Drama Title:Fairy Tale (Season 2)
Channel:Hum TV
Timing:Every Sunday at 8:00 pm
Release Date:5 August 2023
Directed By:Ali Hasan
Written By:Sara Majeed
Produced By:Momina Duraid

Fairy Tale Season 2 Drama Cast and Characters

The lead cast of Fairy Tale Season 2 consists of actress Sehar Khan and actor Hamza Sohail. Pakistani drama Fairy Tale Season 2 features the following cast members:

Hamza Sohail

Actor Hamza Sohail plays the role of Farjad Khan.

Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast lead actor Hamza Sohail

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Sehar Khan

Actress Sehar Khan portrays the role of Umeed Pasha.

Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast lead actress sehar Khan

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Amna Youzasaif

Actress Amna Youzasaif plays Mimi.

A picture of the the actress from the Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast, Amna Youzasaif

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Adnan Raza Mir

Adnan Raza Mir plays Sameer.

Here is a picture of Adnan Raza Mir, the actor starring in the Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast

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Aena Khan

Aena Khan carries the role of Haya.

Here is a picture of Aena Khan, the actress starring in the Fairy Tale 2 Drama Cast

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Ali Safina

Ali Safina plays Asadullah Khan

Actor Ali Safina

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Salma Hassan

Salma Hassan portrays Zeenat

Actress Salma Hassan

Saleem Sheikh

Saleem Sheikh plays the role of Kamal Pasha.

Actor Saleem Sheikh

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Hina Rizvi plays Aghu

actress Hina Rizvi

Saman Ansari as Nghat (Farjad’s mother)

Actress Saman Ansari

Let me know what you think of the recent episode of Fairy Tale Season 2. Which actors did an excellent job portraying good characters in the drama? Please add any comments you may have.

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