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Jeeto Pakistan League Registration, Entry Passes, Online Tickets

If you are searching for more information about the Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 registration process, entry passes, and tickets, then you have come to the right place. Here you can found out all prosses to participate in Jeeto Pakistan League 2022. The following article provides her full contact information, including Jeeto Pakistan phone number and other information

Jeeto Pakistan League Registration, Entry Passes, Online Tickets

Jeeto Pakistan League Registration Process

Jeeto Pakistan League 2022 is Pakistan’s most popular Ramadan sports show is Not just an exhibition, Jeeto Pakistan League is a competition in itself. It is airing on ARY Digital television network.

The audience will be able to see multiple teams participating in indoor and outdoor games and winning many prizes. This is the third season of the show that began in 2020. In this article, we will discuss Jeeto Pakistan League registration, entry passes, online tickets, segment details, and timing.

The show is hosted by famous Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa. By following the registration process steps you can easily get tickets for the Jeeto Pakistan show.

How To Get Jeeto Pakistan Entry Passes

The following steps explain how to get the Jeeto Pakistan entry passes using SMS and Call!

  • Call (021) 111 279 111
  • Send an SMS to 0337-0359527 with your Name, CNIC#, Mobile#, and your City Name
  • Jeeto Pakistan League Management will contact the applicants
  • Participants must provide the right data
  • A management committee selects the candidates

[NOTE] If the information you provided in the SMS is incorrect, entry passes can be revoked without notice from management.

This time some very famous brands have come into the mix, and all the participant will have to play the game with brand ambassadors to win the promo gifts.

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