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Grey Drama Cast: Name and Pictures

Grey is a new 2023 Pakistani drama series that is airing on Green TV. The drama story revolves around the characters of Salar Khan, Iman Mansoor, and Zoya. Grey drama lead cast comprises Sami Khan, Sabeena Farooq, Zoha Rahman, and many others. Let’s get to know the actors who perform in Grey drama by learning their names and brief biographies.

Grey Drama Cast Name and Pictures

Grey Drama Cast: Name & Picture

Pakistani drama Grey cast includes the following actors:

Sami Khan as Salar Khan

Sami Khan is a famed actor recognized for his portrayal of romantic leads in Pakistani dramas. In the cast of Grey, he took on the central character, Salar Khan, showcasing his exceptional acting prowess yet again. He resides in Karachi with his wife and kids. Sami Khan is 43 years old.

Grey Drama Cast

Sabeena Farooq as Iman Mansoor

Sabeen Farooq, well-known for her role in the popular drama “Kabuli Pulao,” stepped into a new role in the cast of Grey. Portraying the character Iman Mansoor, a successful actress and model, she brings a fresh dynamic to the show. At 29, her breakout came through her portrayal of a Pathan girl in the renowned Ramadan play “Suno Chanda.”

Grey Drama Cast

Zoha Rahman as Zoya

Meet Zoha Rahman, a key member of the Grey series cast. She portrays the character of Zoya, Salar Khan’s supportive wife, giving the storyline depth. Beyond the screen, Zoha is 25 years old and married. She lives in Karachi with her family.

Grey Drama Cast

Faizan Sheikh

Faizan Sheikh, a versatile Pakistani actor, model, and TV show host, takes on the role of a journalist in the captivating drama series Grey. As a talented actor, he seamlessly contributes to the storyline. He is 34 years old and married. His wife’s name is Maham Amir. They married in 2018 and have a daughter together.

Grey Drama Cast

Fajr Sheikh

Meet Fajr Sheikh, an actress from Karachi, Pakistan, born on May 2, 1995. At 27, she’s become a noteworthy part of the entertainment scene. Fajr showcased her talent in Grey and her stand-out performances have paved the way for her to become a rising star in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Grey Drama Cast

Mahenur Haider

Meet Mahenur Haider, a talented 28-year-old actress and model, showcasing her skills in the Grey drama cast. She plays a supporting role in the series. She became a household name thanks to her work in the TV shows Aulaad and Jhok Sarkar. Mahenur also lives in Karachi with her beloved family.

Grey Drama Cast

Noreen Gulwani

Noreen Gulwani, a talented actress, contributed her emotive skills to Grey’s supporting cast. She achieved acclaim for her heartfelt performances in the drama serials Bakhtawar and Mohabbat Gumshuda Meri. She is 26 years old and unmarried. Noreen lives in Karachi with her family.

Grey Drama Cast

In addition to its stellar main cast, Grey boasts a talented supporting ensemble. Come and meet them!

Saleem Mairaj

Actor Saleem Mairaj

Paras Masroor

Actor Paras Masroor

Salma Zafar

Actress Salma Zafar

Irfan Motiwala

Actor Irfan Motiwala

Khaled Anam

Actor Khaled Anam

Saife Hassan

Actor Saife Hassan

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