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Saleena Sheikh, the daughter of Saleem Sheikh, Birthday Celebration Photos

Saleem Sheikh, a well-known name in the Pakistani entertainment industry, recently celebrated a significant milestone in his family—the birthday of his beloved daughter, Saleena Sheikh. This joyous occasion was marked by a heartwarming family gathering, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come. Take a look at Saleena Sheikh age and her birthday celebration photos.

Who is Saleena Saleem Sheikh?

Who is Saleena Saleem Sheikh?

Saleena Sheikh, the daughter of Saleem Sheikh, is a social media Influencer and Instgram celebrity. She has also appeared in the music video for Shayaan Siddiqui’s “Kaise Kahoon”.

In the world of showbiz, Saleena is the embodiment of grace, adding her unique charm to the Sheikh family legacy. She has over 13k followers on Instagram.

Saleena Sheikh Age

Saleena Sheikh Age

As of 2023, Saleena Saleem Sheikh is 22 years old. She was born in 2001 in Karachi, Pakistan.

Who is the Father of Saleena Sheikh?

Pakistani film and TV actor Saleem Sheikh is the father of stunning Saleena Sheikh. He is well-known for his outstanding performances as a performer, but he also shines brightly as a loving father.

Seleena’s 22nd || Happy Birthday Seleena || Saleem Sheikh

Birthday Photos:

Today is a special day as Saleena Sheikh, at the age of 22, celebrates another year of life. She celebrates her birthday with her family, which includes her father, mother, and sisters. Her all family members came together for the birthday dinner to show off their close relationship. Take a look at the pictures!

She cuts cake with her father and mother
She enjoys cake with her mother
Saleem Sheikh with her daughter
Saleena Sheikh eating cake

We can only look forward to more heartwarming moments and accomplishments as Saleena begins a new chapter in her life, guided by the love and support of her family. Happy 22nd birthday, Saleena Sheikh!

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