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Razia Drama Cast: Name and Picture – Express TV

Razia drama cast, their name, their pictures, story, timing, release date, and the total number of episodes.

Razia is a 2023 Pakistani drama series that you can catch on Express TV. This gripping drama brings together some of Pakistan’s most talented actors in the Razia cast, including the renowned Mahira Khan. The series delves into a harsh but painfully honest aspect of our society. Let’s take a closer look at the drama cast of Razia, storyline, timing, and other essential details.

The drama story revolves around the life journey of Razia, from the moment of her birth to her eventual fate. In this story, we gain an understanding of how our society treats and mistreats girls, depicting a stark reality that many of us can identify with.

Razia’s life serves as a reflection of the struggles and challenges that girls face from the very beginning. It’s a story that will touch your heart and make you contemplate the world we live in. Let us now meet the talented cast of Razia.

Razia Drama Poster
Drama Title:Razia
Channel:Express TV
Duration:40 Minutes
Timing:Every Thursday at 8:00 PM
Release Date:14 September 2023
Directed By:Mohsin Ali
Written By:Mohsin Ali
Produced By:Abdullah Seja

Razia Drama Cast Name & Pictures

The lead cast of Razia consists of famous Pakistani actors and actresses. Mahira Khan will play the lead role in the drama. The leading male actor is Mohib Mirza. Additionally, Momal Sheikh will play a pivotal role in Razia.

In addition to the talented lead cast, the drama boasts a strong supporting cast that brings important characters to life on screen. Razia drama full cast includes:

Mahira Khan

A headshot of actress Mahira Khan, a prominent member of the Razia drama cast on Express TV

Mohib Mirza

A headshot of actor Mohib Mirza, who plays a significant role in the Express TV drama series Razia.

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Momal Sheikh

A headshot of actress Momal Sheikh, part of the talented Razia drama cast on Express TV

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Arman Sami

A headshot of actor Arman Sami

Shaheera Jalil

A headshot of actress Shaheera Jalil, contributing to the compelling Razia drama on Express TV

Kaleem Ghori

A headshot of actor Kaleem Ghori

Daniya Kanwal

A headshot of actress Daniya Kanwal, a member of the talented Razia drama cast on Express TV

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Parveen Akbar

A headshot of actress Parveen Akbar

Fajar Sheikh

A headshot of actress Fajar Sheikh, adding her talent to the cast of Razia on Express TV

Abeer Naeem

A headshot of actor Abeer Naem

Kashif Hussain

A headshot of actor Kashif Hussain
RAZIA · Official Trailer [English Subtitles] | Mahira Khan · Momal Sheikh · Mohib Mirza | Express TV

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