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Onic Sim Card Packages, Code, & Price in Pakistan

Recently, ONIC Sim has entered the telecom market in Pakistan as a new digital service provider and is looking to revolutionize how we communicate by offering offline freedom, fast support, and swift activation. In this post, we will explore the features and offerings of ONIC Sim, including their pricing, unique code, and the packages that they offer.

Onic Sim Card Packages, Code, & Price in Pakistan

Onic SIM Card in Pakistan

ONIC Sim has made its grand entrance into the Pakistani market, promising users something truly exceptional: offline freedom!

This digital telecom service promises unbreakable connectivity even in areas with limited network coverage; users no longer need to worry about losing network access!

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan

ONIC Sim has yet to be officially priced by telecom network authorities; however, early indications indicate that ONIC Sim Card cost will range between 100 and 150 rupees, making this digital sim card accessible to a wider range of users across Pakistan.

It is possible for Karachi and Lahore residents who want to purchase ONIC SIM cards easily and seamlessly can do so through a dedicated app.

ONIC Sim is currently available only for Android phones supporting e-SIM functionality; you can pay with a debit or credit card.

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What is the ONIC Sim Code?

ONIC Sim stands out with its 0339 unique code identifier as one of its unique features, serving to manage and identify various network services offered by ONIC Sim. Furthermore, this unique identifier allows ONIC Sim users to enjoy dedicated services designed specifically for their needs.

ONIC Sim Packages

ONIC Sim offers various call, internet, and SMS packages tailored to the unique needs of their users in order to meet them all efficiently and seamlessly.

Depending on your budget and usage requirements, you may choose a package on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With ONIC Sim, users can expect an effortless telecommunication experience!

A screenshot of the ONIC Sim Packages

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How to Buy ONIC SIM Card Online in Pakistan

Simply follow these simple steps to order an ONIC SIM card online in Pakistan.

  • ONIC Pakistan offers several packages designed to fit every individual need, so take some time browsing their official website and selecting your ideal package. They have many packages to suit different lifestyles – find one that best meets yours!
  • Once completed, fill out an online order form by providing contact and personal details. When completed, choose from among three delivery methods – either picking it up at a nearby store or having it sent straight to your address.
  • Once you’ve selected your delivery method, it’s time to select your payment method of choice. ONIC offers multiple secure payment methods so as to provide a safe transaction experience.
  • After successfully making your payment, your SIM card will arrive. Please remember that in order to activate it before use, visit an ONIC retailer with suitable package plans and valid ID documentation to activate it.

When your SIM card has been activated, you can install it onto your device and enjoy all of its benefits. Do not wait; get an ONIC SIM card online now to stay connected wherever you travel in Pakistan.

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