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Mahira Khan Pens a Touching Tribute to Her Late Grandmother

Mahira Khan has shared a touching tribute to her grandmother on her Instagram handle. The actress has expressed her grief over the loss of her grandmother, who passed away afternoon on November 25.

She said that her Nani, the late Razia Khanum, was a “wonderful, beautiful and caring lady” who taught her to “respect others and always try to be kind.”

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan added she was “honored” to be her granddaughter and had been “very close to her.” “My Nani was an exquisite lady and I remember her always smiling and laughing,” she said.

Mahira Khan took to her Instagram account with a candid tribute in honor of her late grandmother Razia Khanum. Check out her Instagram post we have embedded below.

Mahira Khan has often spoken about her love for her grandmother in interviews. “She is a wonderful, beautiful, and caring lady who taught me to respect others and always try to be kind,” she said in a statement.

Mahira Khan Grandmother Passed Away
A throwback click of Late Razia Khanum, When she was a young girl.
A throwback picture of late Razia Khanum.
Late Razia Khanum admits to the hospital.
Mahira Khan with Her Grandmother

These pictures of late Razia Khanum really have melted our hearts. Team Mag Pakistan prayer that Allah Almighty grant Mahira Khan’s grandmother a high position in Jannah. Ameen!

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