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What Time is Iftar Today in Lahore

Are you wondering what time Iftar is today in Lahore? Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims stop fasting during Ramadan. Iftar in Lahore today on the 3rd of Ramadan is at 6:19 pm according to the local prayer timetable.

What is Iftar?

Iftar is the meal that breaks the daily fast during the month of Ramadan. Muslims fast during the day and break their fast with a meal at sunset, which is known as Iftar. It is a time of spiritual reflection and gathering with friends and family.

Why Knowing What Time is Iftar Today Is Important?

Knowing when to break your fast is essential to observe the fast during Ramadan. Not only is it respectful to break the fast at the right time, but it is also important to do so in order to reap the full benefits of the spiritual practice.

What Time Is Iftar Today in Lahore?

As of 2023, Ramadan will begin on March 23 and end on April 21. To calculate the Iftar time in Lahore, you need to first determine the Maghrib time in Lahore. This is the time when the sun sets in Lahore, which is when the fast needs to be broken.

An image illustration shwoing what time is Iftar today in Lahore.

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Iftar Time Table for Lahore

Here is a table of Iftar timing for Lahore:

Ramadan DateItfar Time in LahoreDate
1 Ramzan6:18 PM23 March 23
2 Ramzan6:18 PM24 March 23
3 Ramzan6:19 PM25 March 23
4 Ramzan6:20 PM26 March 23
5 Ramzan6:20 PM27 March 23
6 Ramzan6:21 PM28 March 23
7 Ramzan6:22 PM29 March 23
8 Ramzan6:22 PM30 March 23
9 Ramzan6:23 PM31 March 23
10 Ramzan6:24 PM01 April 23
11 Ramzan6:24 PM02 April 23
12 Ramzan6:25 PM03 April 23
13 Ramzan6:26 PM04 April 23
14 Ramzan6:26 PM05 April 23
15 Ramzan6:27 PM06 April 23
16 Ramzan6:28 PM07 April 23
17 Ramzan6:28 PM08 April 23
18 Ramzan6:29 PM09 April 23
19 Ramzan6:30 PM10 April 23
20 Ramzan6:30 PM11 April 23
21 Ramzan6:31 PM12 April 23
22 Ramzan6:32PM13 April 23
23 Ramzan6:32PM14 April 23
24 Ramzan6:33PM15 April 23
25 Ramzan6:34 PM16 April 23
26 Ramzan6:34 PM17 April 23
27 Ramzan6:35 PM18 April 23
28 Ramzan6:36 PM19 April 23
29 Ramzan6:36 PM20 April 23
30 Ramzan6:37 PM21 April 23

Ramadan fasting is an essential part of Islamic practice. You need to know when to break the fast so you can reap its full spiritual benefits. Iftar in Lahore is at the right time for Muslims, so they can break their fast.

So, if you are observing the fast this Ramadan, make sure you know what time Iftar is today in Lahore and strive to make the most out of this blessed month.

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