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Watch Nida Yasir & Silah Yasir Dance Vidoe That Made Waves on Social Media

Pakistani actress and host Nida Yasir is currently all over the Internet. The beautiful actress is on a high with her another viral video and makes waves on social media.

A dance video of Nida Yasir with her daughter Silah Yasir has made its way onto social media. She dances at her younger brother Talha Paasha’s wedding while the song is played and her daughter dances too along with her. Nida Yasir’s brother’s wedding took place in Karachi last night.

Nida Yaisr Dance at her brother's wedding.

Nida Yasir is one of the most popular Pakistani actresses, who has millions of fans on almost every social media platform. She is a household name in Pakistan for years now, thanks to her many television roles and her morning show “Good Morning Pakistan” on Ary Tv. No doubt she is quite famous among fans because of her kind heart nature.

The 49-year-old actress is married and also a mother of three kids, Farid, Silah Yasir, & little Balaj. But, at the first sight, she looks extremely young, like a virgin girl. One special thing about her is that she is very conscious in terms of health and fitness. She loves a healthy diet, but she knows how to burn her calories with exercise and dance.

Nida Yasir looks like a young girl wearing a red attire at her brother Talha Pasha's wedding.

Nida Yasir Rocks on the Dance Floor

But in today’s article, we will watch another viral video of Nida Yasir. Her viral video shows her killer dance performance at her younger brother Talha Paasha’s wedding ceremony. Watching the video of Nida Yasir’s dance, it seems that she must have stolen the whole show. Have a look at the videos given below.

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