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Tracy Cole Obituary Atlanta: The Cigar Scene’s Beloved Figure

Tracy Cole, a vibrant figure in the Atlanta cigar community, met a tragic end on September 15, 2023. At just 31 years old, he lost his life to a stabbing incident in Centennial Olympic Park. Let’s take note of Tracy Cole obituary, his funeral arrangements, and his cause of death.

Tracy Cole Obituary Atlanta: The Cigar Scene's Beloved Figure

Who Was Tracy Cole?

Tracy Cole grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, in a musical family. His love for music and cigars came from his grandfather, Freddy Cole. He studied exercise science and played football at Buena Vista University in Iowa.

He then worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach in Atlanta. As an outgoing and friendly individual, he enjoyed spending time with friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts at places such as Fellowship, The Patio, and Cigar City Club. In addition, Tracy Cole enjoyed supporting Atlanta Cigar Week, an annual event that celebrates cigars.

What Happened to Tracy Cole?

Tracy Cole’s life took a tragic turn on September 15, 2023. He was just 31 when he was fatally stabbed in Centennial Olympic Park. I am sorry to hear that he has passed away. It is a shocking and heartbreaking loss for his family, friends, and colleagues. Currently, the police are investigating the attack. They have not yet identified the person responsible or the reason for it.

Tracy Cole Obituary and Funeral Plans

The details of Tracy Cole’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be shared by his family later. Many lives were touched by Tracy’s warm and generous spirit, and he will be forever remembered for his kindness and generosity.

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