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Today Telenor Answers 23 January 2021

In this article, I have given you a complete list of today’s Telenor questions and their answers. This will provide you to win free internet from My Telenor app’s quiz program called Test Your Skills. So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at Today Telenor answers. So read carefully this page till the end, to answering today’s Telenor questions.

23 January 2021 My Telenor Answers with Questions

Today Telenor Answers 23 January 2021

Q#1 is: What is Thor’s sister name?

The Correct Answers is:


Q#2 is: Who is the fourth member of “The Fantastic Four”?

The Correct Answers is:

The Thing

Q#3 is: What is the real name of Cyclops from the X-Men series?

The Correct Answers is:

Scott Summers

Q#4 is: What is the name of the island that Wonder Woman comes from?

The Correct Answers is:


Q5 is: In the movie series “Wonder Woman” where is Themysciran Embassy located?

The Correct Answers is:

New York

As you know, Telenor is the largest mobile cellular network company in Pakistan. And the number of its users is increasing fast day by day. That’s why Telenor has started a Telenor Quiz program called Test Your Skills for its valued customers. You can win this quiz constants by answering My Telenor App questions every day. And each winner gets 50 MB’s free internet from My Telenor App.

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