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Tiktoker Rambo Exposed His Close Friend Ayesha Akram


Tiktok star Ayesha Akram, who is famous for her lip-sync videos on the TikTak app. She became a famous celebrity overnight, But for this, She also had to go through a lot of hardships.

A month ago, under the shadow of Minar Pakistan, 400 people tried to rape Ayesha Akram. It was an incident that upset every heart and every soul. On the other hand, because of this incident, Pakistan had to bear the blame for being an unsafe country for women.

Ayesha Akram

According to social media news, Ayesha had invited her fans to meet him on August 14 at greater Iqbal Park. In which her fellow Tiktoke stars had to participate. After which this tragic incident happened with Ayesha Akram.

But today, after almost two months since this incident, Ayesha Akram lodged an FIR against her friend Rambo. She reached the nearest police station and lodged a complaint that her friend Rambo was blackmailing her.

Tiktoker Rambo arrested by police

Ayesha Akram says that her friend Rambo has some videos of her without clothes. And that’s why he forced me to half of my salary. Ayesha has appealed to the inspector to arrest Rambo and delete Ayesha’s naked videos from his mobile.

On the other hand, Ayesha’s friend Rambo told the police in his statement after the arrest that Ayesha had made false allegations against him. However, he has also revealed that he is being blackmailed by Ayesha herself. Rambo added, “Let’s watch the video below.”

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