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Telenor App Answers and Today’s Questions 22 January 2021

In this article, We update a list of Today’s Telenor App Answers. With these my Telenor answers, you can easily win 100 MB’s free internet. So read carefully this page till the end, to answering today’s Telenor questions.

My Telenor App Answers

As you know, Telenor is the largest mobile cellular network company in Pakistan. And the number of its users is increasing fast day by day. That’s why Telenor has started a Telenor Quiz program called Test Your Skills for its valued customers. You can win this quiz constants by answering five My Telenor App questions every day. And each winner gets 50 to 100 MB’s free internet from My Telenor App.

22 January 2021 My Telenor App Answers is

Q#1 is: When was the first prototype internet invented?

The right answer is 1960

Q#2 is: How many computers does a simple Google query use?

The right answer is 1000

Q#3 is: In which year the world Wide Web become publicly available?

The right answer is 1993

Q# 4 is: What is the name of the first ever social media platform?

The right answer is Six Degrees

Q# 5 is: What is the record fastest download speed on the internet?

The right answer is 178 TB

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