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Shahida Kazi, Pakistan’s First Female Journalist, Death Cause & Funeral Plans

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Professor Shahida Kazi, Pakistan’s pioneering woman correspondent, veteran journalist, and academic, at the age of 79. This blog delves into her remarkable life and career, exploring the biography of Professor Shahida Kazi, and exploring the reasons for her death, as well as her funeral arrangements.


Who was Shahida Kazi? Wiki & Biography

Professor Shahida Kazi was a pioneering journalist, scholar, and correspondent for Pakistani media. Her life was an extraordinary testament to her pursuit of knowledge and her unwavering dedication to journalism.

In 1944, Shahida was born in Karachi into the respected Kazi family. She originated from a village near Dadu in Sindh. Her family held education in high regard, which paved the way for her educational journey.

She graduated in 1963 from St. Joseph’s College after completing her matriculation at St. Lawrence Convent School. Encouraged by her family to pursue advanced education, she embarked on a unique path, deviating from the expectations of her female cousins.

Shahida Kazi chose not to pursue a career in medicine and declined an opportunity to join the federal bureaucracy through the Superior Services examination.

She found herself at the newly established Department of Journalism at the University of Karachi, becoming not only a female student but also the first woman to enroll in the field of journalism.

Prof. Shahida Kazi Professional Background

Shahida Kazi gained recognition for her pioneering achievements and unwavering commitment to her career. Dawn, one of Pakistan’s leading English-language newspapers, offered her the position of city editor in 1966.

Prof. Shahida Kazi Professional Background

It was at that time that Shahida Kazi became not only the first female reporter but also the only woman in the newsroom. Throughout her extensive career, she remained an advocate for the media as a superior means of reporting.

Shahida took on roles as a news producer and senior news editor at Pakistan Television Corporation, where she served for an impressive two decades. Additionally, she made contributions to Radio Pakistan.

After her retirement, Shahida transitioned to academia, becoming a part of the University of Karachi and offering her expertise to various private-sector universities.

Shahida Kazi Cause of Death

Tragically, Shahida Kazi’s journey came to an end during the COVID-19 pandemic. She decided to stay at home and reflect upon her illustrious career. She wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Sweet, Sour & Bitter: A Life Well Lived.’

This autobiography offered a glimpse into her life and experiences, spanning approximately 100 pages. She launched the book in February of the same year at the Karachi Press Club, where hundreds of her students, faculty members from different universities teaching journalism and mass communication, human rights activists, and veteran journalists surrounded her.

Shahida Kazi Cause of Death

Funeral Plans

Pakistan’s first female journalist Shahida Kazi will receive her burial after her last rites in the Zuhr prayer. She will be buried at the KU cemetery, marking the end of her distinguished career. We will remember Shahida for her contributions to journalism, recognizing her roles as a journalist, teacher, and noblewoman.

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