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Saba Qamar Gives a Clear Reply to Those Who Criticize Her Acting

Saba Qamar is a famous Pakistani actress as well as a fearless and fearless individual. She often speaks out about issues related to social injustice. However, she has always served to promote the rights of women. She is always confident about speaking out about her rights.

Saba Qamar

Most recently, a video of hers went viral on the internet. During a filmed interview, the actress mentions that some people test her acting abilities because they want to undermine her. However, no matter how she has to deal with them, she’ll give them the best response.

Saba Qamar
Saba Qamar

As Saba continues, she always says things gently and carefully. According to her, if she is in danger, she thinks carefully before speaking. As she continues to speak, she reiterates multiple times how much she respects people. But when it comes to defending her honor, she knows how to do it. Below is Saba Qamar’s video, check it out.

Snippets ... with Saba Qamar

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