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Roosevelt High School Accident: Learn more about this Incident

A sad thing happened on Wednesday afternoon near Roosevelt High School in Fresno. Nearly eleven teenagers got hurt when a truck crashed into a bus stop. Let’s see what went on during the Roosevelt High School Accident.

Roosevelt High School Accident

Roosevelt High School Accident:

It was around 3:30 p.m., and it all took place close to Roosevelt High School, near the Tulare and Cedar Avenues intersection in Fresno. The story goes that a 16-year-old was driving a truck super fast. Then, the truck crashed into an FAX bus stop where about 20 students were waiting.

Sadly, 11 of these students got hit by the truck. They had to go to the nearby hospitals. But, thankfully, their injuries are not life-threatening.

Mayor Jerry Dyer of Fresno said, “Luckily, the injuries don’t seem too bad. Maybe a broken leg or a back injury. The accident could have been much worse. After the crash, the driver ran away from the scene with his 14-year-old sister.”

But don’t worry, they caught the driver later. A family member came to pick him and his sister up. They tried to leave, but the police stopped them at Ventura and Orange.

For some time, Cedar Street will stay closed at Tulare Street. It will be closed for a few hours to handle everything properly.

It’s unfortunate, but knowing that the students will be okay is good. Let’s hope for their speedy recovery. Accidents are always scary, so remember to be careful on the roads.

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