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Rick Klu Obituary: SAG-AFTRA Actor and Comedian Death Cause – Seattle Mourns

Today, we’ve got some sad news about the passing of a remarkable talent, Rick Klu. In this blog, we’ll dive into who Rick Klu was, the mystery surrounding his cause of death, and what we know about his obituary and funeral arrangements. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, acting, or simply curious about the life of a multifaceted artist, this post has something for you. So, let’s pay our respects and learn more about Rick Klu’s life and legacy.

Rick Klu Obituary: SAG-AFTRA Actor and Comedian Death Cause - Seattle Mourns

Who was Rick Klu? – Actor, Comedian, & SAG-AFTRA Member

Rick Klu, a well-known SAG-AFTRA Actor and Comedian hailing from Seattle, Washington, has deeply saddened us. He was a cherished artist in Seattle known for collaborating with the band Walking Papers on their video for “Divine Intervention.”

Rick Klu was born in Okinawa, Japan, and moved throughout his youth to several different countries, including Belgium, Germany, Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Washington States. However, he was residing in Los Angeles at the time of his death.[1]

Rick’s journey in the entertainment world took him from places like Okinawa, Japan, to various spots across the United States, including Los Angeles, California.

While in L.A., Rick got his Screen Actors Guild credentials during his time on the hit show “House, M.D.” He started as an orderly but eventually received character upgrades, even making appearances in the House, M.D. Superbowl promotional campaign.

His talent didn’t stop there; Rick graced our screens in shows like “Key And Peele,” “Rosewood,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and more, not to mention his work in commercials.

But Rick wasn’t content with just being in front of the camera. He played vital roles behind the scenes, like Art Director and Production Assistant, on numerous commercial projects.

Working with the renowned filmmaker Errol Morris was a special highlight in his journey. It was a dream come true for Rick, who had admired Morris since high school.

For four years, he was a Production Assistant on Morris’s commercial projects, an experience that ignited his passion for directing, producing, and creating his documentary.

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How did He Die? – Cause of Death

However, as of now, the cause of Rick Klu’s death remains a mystery. The details surrounding his passing have not been revealed, leaving many of us wondering about the circumstances. We hope that more information will come to light with time to help us understand what happened.

Rick Klu Obituary and Funeral Plans

Moving forward, the family of Rick Klu will be releasing his obituary in due course. This will provide a comprehensive look at his life, achievements, and impact on those who knew him. Additionally, information regarding funeral arrangements will be made available to honor his memory appropriately.

Lastly, Rick Klu’s passing is a significant loss to the entertainment world, and our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and fans. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about his life and the legacy he leaves behind. So, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Reference: Rickklu.art

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