Nida Yasir Opens Up About Why She Was Dressed Like Halima Sultan

Nida Yasir is one of the most capable actresses in Pakistan. She is known as an excellent actress as well as a very good host. Nida Yasir hosts the Good Morning Pakistan show, which airs on ARY Digital.

One of the special things about Nida Yasir is that whenever a new trend comes, or a person goes viral, she definitely invites him to her show. And in her show, she is seen playing a variety of questions and games with him. That is why Nida Yasir has to be criticized every day for something new. Recently, Nida Yasir appeared in the get-up of Halima Sultan, the lead character of Ertugrul Ghazi. These pictures of Nida Yasir went viral on social media. And She was severely criticized for dressing like Halima Sultan.

Today, in an interview with BBC Urdu, Nida Yasir has unveiled the secret of why she wore a dress like Halima Sultan. So let’s watch the video below.

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