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Nawal Saeed Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Brother, Mother, Drama List

Nawal Saeed is a famous Pakistani actress and fashion model. She was born on 30 October 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan. Discover Nawal Saeed age, husabnd, family, parents, siblings, net worth, height, weight, biography & more. Get information about all the key achievements or accomplishments of actress Nawal Saeed.

Nawal Saeed Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Brother, Mother, Drama List
Date of Birth30 October
Age25 years old
Birth PlaceKarachi
Father NameSaeed Ahmed
Mother NameNoor Saeed
Brother NameAryan Saeed
Sister Name(will update soon)
Husband Name(will update soon)
Net Worth(will update soon)
Social Media HandleInstagram

Nawal Saeed Biography

Nawal Saeed is a talented Pakistani actress and model. She was born on 30 October 1998 in Karachi. Nawal made her acting debut in 2017 with the drama Yaqeen Ka Safar and since then, she has been ruling the hearts of her fans with her exceptional acting skills.

Apart from being a great actress, Nawal Saeed is also a successful model. In the advertising industry, she is well-known for her captivating smile and charming personality. She has done numerous TV commercials.

Nawal is a Pakistani national, and she follows the Muslim religion. She loves to travel and explore new places, and her favorite holiday destination is Dubai. Nawal is an animal lover and has a pet dog. Her favorite food is Biryani, and she loves to listen to music in her free time.

Nawal Saeed Age

Nawal Saeed Age

As of 2023, Nawal Saeed is 25 years old.


Nawal is a well-educated girl. She completed her graduation from the University of Karachi.

Physical Appearance

Nawal Saeed is a beautiful girl who has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has stunning features, including big brown eyes and long black hair. She takes good care of her skin and follows a healthy lifestyle.

Nawal Saeed Family

Nawal Saeed has a small and happy family. She has one brother named Aryan Saeed. Her father, Saeed Ahmed, is a businessman by profession. Her mother, Noor Saeed, is a housewife.

Nawal Saeed Husband

As of now, Nawal Saeed is single. She is focusing on her career and wants to achieve more success in the showbiz industry.


In a recent interview, Nawal Saeed opened up about her past relationship and the challenges she faced after the breakup. Although some fans speculated that her ex-boyfriend was Arslan Faisal, Nawal did not confirm or deny this rumor.[1]

After reportedly parting ways with Arslan Faisal, Nawal’s name has been associated with actor Noor Ul Hasan. Their frequent Instagram comments suggest a romantic connection.[2]

Showbiz Career

Nawal Saeed made her debut in the showbiz industry in 2017 with the drama Yaqeen Ka Safar. Her exceptional acting skills and charming personality made her an instant hit among viewers. Since then, she has worked in many successful dramas, including Mah-e-Tamaam, Faryaad, Banno, and Suno Na.

Drama List

The following is a list of all the dramas she has appeared in.

  • Yaqeen Ka Safar
  • Aik Larki Aam Si
  • Bezuban
  • Maah e Tamam
  • Anmol
  • Suno Na
  • Soteli Mamta
  • Faryaad
  • Sitam
  • Banno
  • Dil e Veeran
  • Bikhre Hain Hum
  • Dagh e Dil


Who is Sanam Javaid Khan?

Sanam Javaid Khan is an active social media influencer and worker for the PTI.

Where is Sanam Javaid Khan from?

Sanam Javaid Khan is from Lahore, Pakistan, and currently resides there.

Is Sanam Javaid Khan married?

Sanam Javaid Khan is married and has two kids a daughter and a son.

How old is Sanam Javaid Khan?

Sanam Javaid Khan’s date of birth is 25 May 1993, which makes her 30 years of age.

Who is the husband of Sanam Javaid Khan?

Sanam Javed Khan’s husband’s name is Attique Khan.

What is Sanam Javaid Khan‘s contact number?

Sanam Javaid Khan’s mobile number is not publicly available at this time.

Who are the parents of Sanam Javaid Khan?

Her father’s name is (updated soon) and her mother’s name is (updated soon).

What is the height of Sanam Javaid Khan in feet?

Sanam Javaid Khan’s height is 5 feet 5 inches.


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