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Nadia Hussain Khan Faced Backlash for Her Unseemly Dressing

Nadia Hussain Khan is one of the most famous and accomplished actresses and models in Pakistan. She has been featured in numerous television commercials and fashion shows and has also acted in several dramas, garnering a substantial fan following.

Recently, Nadia Hussain Khan received a lot of flak from social media users for wearing inappropriate dresses. Despite these criticisms, she never holds back when it comes to hitting back at trolls.

A photo of Nadia Hussain from the Lux Style Awards ceremony 2021.

Recently, a Behind-the-Scenes video clip has been leaked from the set of Time Out with Ahsan Khan, a famous celebrity show.

In that clip, she wore a highly inappropriate dress that showed her body parts. No doubt she is a big star with millions of fans but people criticized her in the matter of clothes.

During the Q&A session, she explained how she has dealt with trolls who have negative thoughts about her dress.

Nadia Hussain said that she is a brave girl who stands up against him instead of being upset. She spoke quietly to her trolls, telling them to learn some manners or else they will find the answer in their own way.

Behind the scenes photo of Nadia Hussain Khan from the sets of Timeout with Ahsan Khan.

Nadia Hussain Khan Viral Video Clip

Nadia Hussain Khan continued that trolls were attacking her because they did not know how to show respect so she would teach them.

However, it has happened so often that she does not shy away from answering those who hate her. She will never care what anyone thinks.

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes video below and also read some fascinating comments made by her fans.

Fans reaction to Video Clip
Nadia Hussain Khan fans reaction to Video Clip
Fans reaction to Video Clip
Fans reaction to Video Clip

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