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Mexican Rapper Lefty SM Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

Mexican rapper Lefty SM, also known as Juan Carlos Sauceda, sadly lost his life in Zapopan due to a gunshot wound. This heartbreaking incident has deeply saddened his loved ones, friends, and fans. Let’s take a look at the death cause of Lefty SM, along with his obituary and funeral arrangements.

Mexican Rapper Lefty SM Cause of Death, Obituary, and Funeral Arrangements
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Who Was Lefty SM?

Juan Carlos Sauceda, who went by the stage name Lefty SM, was born on April 22, 1992. He was a Mexican rapper and songwriter with a strong love for music, blending urban sounds with traditional Mexican styles. His Instagram handle was @leftysm_.

His career in the music industry began in 2010. However, he achieved widespread recognition through collaborations with a range of artists through 2017.

In 2019, he released his first studio album, “Paper Plane,” which featured hit songs like “Quien Te Veia” and the title track “Paper Plane.” This album marked his debut and showcased his musical talent to a larger audience.

Lefty SM Cause of Death

According to local news reports, Lefty SM suffered a terrible attack at his home in the La Cima district of Zapopan, Jalisco, on September 3, 2023. Unfortunately, someone shot him twice while he was at home. Afterward, they hurried him to a hospital, but regrettably, he passed away early Sunday morning due to two gunshot wounds to his stomach.

Lefty SM Cause of Death, Obituary and Funeral Arrangements
Image Source: Instagram

Lefty SM’s passing was confirmed by MC Davo, a well-known artist. He posted a tearful video on his Instagram stories, expressing his disbelief and sorrow over Lefty’s tragic passing.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident, trying to determine what led to the tragic death of Juan Carlos Sauceda. Many people express their condolences and sympathy for Lefty SM’s family, friends, and devoted fans during this difficult time.

On Instagram, an account shared a post dedicated to Lefty SM. You can check it out below!

Lefty SM Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Lefty SM will release his obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date. They are mourning and need the necessary space and time to heal from their loss. When they are emotionally ready, they will inform his friends and others who will wish to pay their respects to his funeral plans.

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