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Kanwal Aftab Broke Down in Tears Seeing Masjid E Nabwi ﷺ


Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar are some of the most popular Tiktokers among Pakistanis. They are well-known for their lip-sync romantic and funny duets on TikTok. Many of their fans love their chemistry and respect them a lot.

Both of them recently tied the knot in a grand ceremony, as many of you know. In addition to receiving public attention, their wedding festivities also attracted media coverage in Pakistan. Social media exploded with Kanwal Aftab wedding pictures and their long wedding functions.

The couple did not go on a honeymoon after getting married but also they chose to go for Umrah. Their first stop was in Madina, where they expressed their happiness and praised the tranquility, comfort, and peace of this place. Their passion for Masjid E Nabwi ﷺ was evident in their emotions. Tiktok star Kanwal Aftab broke down in tears upon seeing Masjid E Nabwi ﷺ. Watch the video below!

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