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Hussain Quig Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

On a fateful Wednesday, September 13, 2023, tragedy struck when Hussain Quig, a 13-year-old John Taylor Free School student, was riding his bicycle to school in Burton-upon-Trent. He was struck by a truck, and this heartbreaking incident has left his family and friends in deep sorrow. The following is a breakdown of what happened to Hussain Quig, his obituary, and his funeral plans.

Hussain Quig Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

Who was Hussain Quig?

Hussain was a bright, kind-hearted young boy. He was not just known for his academic excellence but also for his willingness to help others. Whether it was his friends or teachers, Hussain permanently extended a helping hand. His simplicity and kindness endeared him to many, making him a cherished school community member. He was kind and excelled in his studies, showing dedication and a promising future.

Hussain Quig Cause of Death

The tragic incident occurred at Shobnall Road and Wellington Road intersection shortly before 8:30 a.m. Hussain was involved in a collision with a large truck. The aftermath of this accident led to the road’s closure for several hours as investigators, paramedics, and forensic experts worked diligently. Sadly, Hussain succumbed to his injuries at the scene despite their efforts.

Hussain Quig Obituary & Funeral Arrangements

The family of Hussain Quig is currently going through a difficult time and needs space to cope with their loss. They will share details about his obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date when they are emotionally ready. This approach allows them to understand their grief before sharing further information with those who wish to pay their respects and offer support.

In these challenging times, let us keep Hussain and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

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