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Gabriella “Gab” Shammas Accident: Cause of Death, Obituary, Funeral Plans

Gabriella “Gab” Shammas, a 22-year-old woman from Brooklyn, New York, lost her life in a terrible accident. This tragic incident happened on the Staten Island Expressway. It happened on a Sunday night, just a bit past 11 o’clock, when a woman driving a Chevrolet Corvette lost control, bumped into a road barrier, and crashed near Hylan Boulevard. The Corvette flipped over and hit a Ford pickup before catching fire.

Gabriella "Gab" Shammas Accident: Cause of Death, Obituary and Funeral Plans

Let’s explore what occurred to Gabriella Shammas in the accident, what caused her death, and what plans will be made for her funeral. However, let’s take a look at a brief history of her.

Who Was Gabriella “Gab” Shammas?

Gabriella Shammas, aged 22, had a special gift for making any room brighter with her smile and energy. Her laughter was contagious, and she was always ready to help those in need. She had a big heart that matched her big smile. Gabriella’s kindness and caring nature made her a very special person.

Gabriella Shammas’ Accident: What Happened?

A 22-year-old named Jianna Pischetola was driving a sports car on the Staten Island Expressway at around 11 p.m. She lost control, hit a guardrail near Clove Road, and her car flipped over, crashing into a Ford F150 pickup truck.

The sports car skidded before stopping and bursting into flames. Sadly, Gabriella Shammas, a passenger in the Corvette, was thrown out during the crash. Paramedics arrived, but both women were declared deceased. Luckily, the pickup truck’s driver and passengers survived without injuries.

Gabriella Shammas GoFundMe

Sam Picardi created a GoFundMe page to help Shammas’ family in paying for her funeral. The family is asking for help to cover her funeral costs and other final arrangements.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The family of Gabriella Shammas will share her obituary and funeral details at a later time. They need some time to grieve and heal before providing information about her funeral plans. Regardless of how small, your support will ensure Gabriella’s memory is honored with the respect she deserves. Her friends knew her as the kindest, liveliest, and most loving person you could ever meet.

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