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Bugs Beddow, Detroit Trombonist, Passes Away – Cause of Death Unveiled

The music world is sad today. Bugs Beddow, a famous trombonist from Detroit, passed away on September 12, 2023. Here is what happened to Bugs Beddow and the cause of his death.

Bugs Beddow, Detroit Trombonist, Passes Away – Cause of Death Unveiled

Who was Bugs Beddow?

Bugs Beddow was a music legend from Detroit. He was loved by everyone who knew him for more than 40 years.

Beddow loved music from a young age. He saw a trombonist at school and fell in love with music. He graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1975 and later got a Master’s degree in music education from Madonna University and the University of California-Bakerfield.

Furthermore, he was a music teacher in many places, teaching band, orchestra, choir, and elementary music. Bugs also gave private lessons to young musicians. He played with famous bands like Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman, Don Ellis, and Stan Kenton.

Beddow was even in a movie with Jack Nicholson called “Hoffa.” He won awards at the Detroit Music Awards and was in the Detroit Jazz Hall of Fame.

Bugs Beddow Cause of Death

Bugs Beddow had cancer and fought it bravely, just like he did with his music. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer. He passed away because of cancer.

We don’t know the details of his funeral and obituary yet, but his family will share them soon. Let’s all remember Beddow and pray for him. He was a true music legend, and he will be missed.

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