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Ben Fonseca, Baseball Coach from Kendall Park, NJ, Died: What Happened?

The death of Ben Fonseca, a revered baseball coach and player development director, has saddened many in Kendall Park, NJ. News of his demise surfaced via a poignant social media post from his close circle.

His journey was marked by a courageous fight against systemic scleroderma, a severe autoimmune condition impacting both skin and internal organs.

Everyone is curious to know the cause of his death. Let’s uncover what happened to Ben Fonseca, his obituary, and any funeral arrangements.

Ben Fonseca, Baseball Coach from Kendall Park, NJ, Died

Who was Ben Fonseca?

Ben Fonseca was a distinguished figure in the baseball world, contributing significantly as a coach and player development director.

He held notable positions with the Somerset Patriots, Milwaukee Brewers, and Zoned Sports Academy.

Renowned across the Northeast softball and baseball community, Fonseca’s expertise and leadership in player development were unparalleled.

His coaching tenure spanned various levels, culminating in numerous championships across different leagues, showcasing his adeptness and dedication to the sport.

Ben Fonseca Cause of Death

Diagnosed with systemic scleroderma in 2017, Fonseca confronted significant health challenges, including a heart attack and a series of organ-related ailments.

Despite a remarkable recovery in 2018, his condition resurged, leading to frequent hospitalizations.

He leaves behind a rich legacy in player development and a lasting impact on Major League teams and the US Women’s National Softball team with his innovative training bat.

A GoFundMe campaign stands testament to the community’s support, rallying around Fonseca during his battle and now, in the aftermath of his passing.

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

The Fonseca family, while mourning their beloved father and coach, will announce funeral arrangements and an obituary in due course, allowing friends, colleagues, and admirers to pay their respects and celebrate Ben Fonseca’s remarkable life.

The passing of Ben Fonseca marks a poignant loss in the baseball community, echoing far beyond Kendall Park, NJ. His dedication, expertise, and unwavering passion for the game will be remembered and cherished by all whose lives he touched.

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