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Answers: Telenor Quiz 26 January 2021

On this page, I even have given you all answers to Telenor Quiz 26 January 2021. After these answers, you win up to 100 MBs of free internet from My Telenor app’s game show called Test Your Skills. So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at Today Telenor quiz answers on 26 January 2021. So read correctly this page to the top, to answering today’s Telenor questions.

See below all answers of Telenor Quiz 26 January 2021

Telenor Quiz 26 January 2021

As you know, Telenor is the biggest mobile cellular network company in Pakistan. And the number of its users is growing fast day by day. That’s why Telenor has started a Telenor Quiz program called Test Your Skills for its valuable customers. You can win this quiz constants by answering My Telenor App questions every day. And each winner gets 50 to 100 MB’s free internet from My Telenor App. So let’s check all answers to today’s Telenor quiz.

Q#1 is: In the movie “Hulk” what is the color of Hulk’s skin?

The correct answer is:


Q#2 is: In the many Marvel films has “Hulk” appeared?

The correct answer is:


Q#3 is: In the movie “Shazam” what is the human name of Shazam?

The correct answer is:

Billy Batson

Q#4 is: Who is the villain in the movie “Shazam?

The correct answer is:

dr Sivana

Q#5 is: In the movie “Shazam” how does Shzam get his super power?

The correct answer is:


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