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Amanda Kaylor Obituary: Tragic Loss at 27 Due to Suicide – Son Mourns

Erich Schwer, a familiar face from The Bachelorette season 19, is facing a deeply saddening time in his life. His ex-girlfriend, Amanda Kaylor, passed away on September 5, 2023, at the young age of 27. This heart-wrenching news has left her son and all her fans in utter shock and sorrow. Let’s take a closer look at who Amanda Kaylor was, what led to her tragic end, and the details about her obituary and funeral arrangements.

Amanda Kaylor Obituary: Tragic Loss at 27 Due to Suicide - Son Mourns
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Who was Amanda Kaylor?

Amanda Kaylor was a loving mother who deeply cared for her two children, especially her young son. She was a single parent who lived in Santa Monica, where she pursued her passion for outdoor activities. Amanda was an adventurous spirit who embraced extreme sports like snowboarding and dirt biking.

How and When Did Amanda Kaylor and Erich Schwer Meet?

Their love story began in January 2022, well before Erich Schwer became a finalist on season 19 of The Bachelorette. Amanda and Erich first connected through the dating app Hinge, and their connection quickly grew into a loving relationship. They wasted no time in committing to each other.

When Did Amanda Kaylor and Erich Schwer Split?

However, in March 2022, Erich told Amanda that he would be appearing on The Bachelorette, which ultimately led to their separation after more than two months of dating. On March 10, just two weeks before the show’s filming commenced, Erich informed her about his decision.

Amanda Kaylor Cause of Death

Amanda’s passing was a sudden and devastating event. On September 5, 2023, at the tender age of 27, she tragically took her own life in her own home.[1] The circumstances surrounding her suicide remain shrouded in mystery, and as more details emerge, we will provide updates to shed light on this tragic event.

Amanda Kaylor Obituary and Funeral Arrangements

Amanda’s grieving family intends to release her obituary and share information about her funeral arrangements. However, they have requested time to cope with their grief and begin healing. Understandably, they need space and time to deal with their loss. They will inform us about Amanda’s funeral arrangements when they feel emotionally ready.

In this difficult time, we ask all readers to keep Amanda Kaylor’s son, her family, and loved ones in their thoughts and prayers. This is a heartbreaking loss, and the support and compassion of the community can make a significant difference as they navigate this tragedy. Let us come together to remember Amanda and offer solace to those who mourn her.


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